Thursday, August 2, 2012

Breathe In... Breathe Out!

This has been my mantra for a couple of days now. No, I am not doing yoga or dealing with insane amounts of stress. (Well, now that I think about that... hmmmm...) :)  I was actually diagnosed with asthma about 3-4 years ago and this week has not been good for me. O.o  Breathing has been a bit of a struggle and it seems small tasks become HUGE! My day begins to look like this: Get dressed, take a break, brush my hair and teeth, watch a few minutes of TV, vacuum my floor for 5 minutes, sit on the couch for 30. I think you get the picture.

Can I tell you, it can be very frustrating! But I am seeking to encourage myself.
  • No, I haven't met my goal of having my schoolroom rearranged and decorated for our new school year. BUT, yes, I finished my DIY Barbie house for my birthday girl! (Which BTW reminds me to post some pics!) 
  • No, I have not finished cleaning my house. BUT, yes, I have completed a few things and my family has pitched in! Can anyone say, HOME EC?! :)
  • No, I have not gotten all of my materials organized. BUT, yes, with my down time I have had the opportunity to research and choose my girls' curriculum for the next school year. This took about 8 hours on the internet and several phone calls but I had the time. :)
All this being said, it is so touching to have a family: parents, husband, children, who all love and care about you. They have encouraged me, checked on me, helped me, and supported me when I am at my weakest. I can never tell them enough how much that means to me. It is another reminder of how blessed I am to be able to stay home with my loving husband (who does drive me nuts by leaving the lid off of the toothpaste... ugh) and with my gorgeous girls who have been so attentative to me. Now to get them to pay that close of attention when I need them to clean their rooms. ;) 

Happy Blogging!

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