Sunday, August 5, 2012

Heart to Heart Sunday

I sit here amazed at how quickly last week flew by and now we are sitting on the brink of another! Some places have already started back to school and others are just beginning with teacher in-service trainings. As a homeschool Mom, I am working on getting resources together and reorganized. The library needs to be resorted and my portfolios need to be recreated for a new year. 

I have to say that this year is a bit bitter-sweet! I will be introducing my ladies this week but here is a bit of a snapshot and why I am sniffling alligator tears:
  • My oldest will be in middle school this year! Wait one moment while I pick up my jaw from the ground. We have reached the point where such milestones as shaving and "ladies issues" are being discussed and experienced. Hold me! She is so amazing though so I am trying to enjoy these times before the hormones really go nuts! 
  • My second born is going to be in 3rd grade which is the grade that I started homeschooling my oldest, back when it all began. She takes after me so much as she is a reader! It is not surprising to find her with a book or writing a new book of her own. I look into the eyes of my sweet one and can see the eyes of my oldest at this exact stage! Sniff...
  • Rounding out the class is my new little K-3 Sunshine! You all got to me her here when we celebrated her 3rd birthday. I cannot believe my baby is going to be doing some of her own school this year! Sniff...Sniff...
So on this heart to heart Sunday, I am holding back tears as I continue to watch the clock advance all while I am hanging off of the minute hand trying my hardest to slow it down! I hope you are all having a great weekend and make sure to check back tomorrow as I will be hosting a fantabulous giveaway!! As a bit of a sneak peek, it may have a rafflecopter and a gift card! Just sayin...

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