Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Running from the Comparison Bug!

"Look at her! How does she manage to look amazing AND raise kids?!"

"Wow, her room is amazing! Why can't mine look as awesome?!"

"She is such a fantastic writer! If I could only have a blog like hers!"

"I wish I could insert talent here like she can! I am just not good enough."

How many times do we allow these types of thoughts to race through our head? We are constantly bombarded with perfectly attractive people on television, fantastic Moms or teachers online, and uber-talented craftiness on Pinterest. We see amazing talent in our churches and sometimes feel unequal to others. The side-effect is that we begin to compare ourselves to the pictures we have in our heads. As a result, we become a mathematical genius using such signs as

I don't know about you, but this can be an exhausting process! Living our lives to continually become someone else is wearisome and counterproductive. The most amazing thing I have ever done is find my completeness in Christ. But even still, I have to fight the urge to compare myself with others who are more talented, better speakers, or (dare I say it!) more beautiful! But this is what I had on my heart this morning, and what I hope to keep in my mind! Comparison is a spiritual killer. When one looks at another to compare, it will only serve to lift up up in pride or destroy the confidence we have found in Christ. There will always be others more talented, likable, or attractive. But, the wonder of being a part of Christ's body and a part of this world, is that we are not SUPPOSED to be like another. We have been created to fill OUR role. We were made uniquely for this role and no one can do it like we can! 

There is great freedom in deciding to become the best me I can be, rather than the best copy of someone else. Today, I choose to run from the comparison bug! I will look for ways to continually move forward in my own journey without trying to jump onto someone else's path! I choose to leave the Math for finances, because comparison is a never ending staircase to a completely unsatisfying prize. 

Keep your chin up! As one of my favorite authors once wrote, "Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You!"

Happy Blogging!

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