Monday, August 6, 2012

Amazon Giveaway & a Blog Hop!

Hi everyone!! I can't believe that I am coming up on my 1 month bloggiversary on Friday! It seems that I have learned so much and met so many wonderful new people in Bloggieland!  Anyhoo, in honor of this special day, I will be giving away a $20 gift card to Amazon! Perhaps you have had some great resources, books or supplies sitting in your cart just WAITING to get out! Well, let me help! You can enter the Rafflecopter below to join in for your chance to win and there are many different ways you can increase your chances. Remember, it starts today and will end on Friday! "And may the odds be ever in your favor!"  (teehehehe- so dramatic!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Not Back to School Blog Hop
In other exciting news, I have decided to link up with iHomeschool Network on their Not Back to School Blog Hop! Here is the schedule:

So, today I am going to talk about the curriculum we will be doing this year! As I have been doing ABeka for the past few years, I am excited about doing a bit of integration this year! In addition to these resources, the girls will also be a part of our church dance team and will be learning music. My 6th grader will be working on piano, drums and guitar (she already plays all three) and my 3rd grader will be beginning piano. They will also be working on voice as they both continue to grow in their harmony. So, here we go!

This is shaping up to be an exciting year! I am working on organizing resources and setting up the classroom this week. Thanks to iHomeschool Network, I now have to get it done by Monday! Nothing like throwing in a deadline to get me in gear! LOL

Happy Blogging and good luck on the Giveaway!


  1. Thank you for offering this giveaway!
    Where Seconds Count

  2. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway!! :)

  3. Thanks Amy and Ashley! I hope it will be a help to someone as they get ready for a new year! :)

  4. Happy 1st month anniversary :)


  5. We are just finishing up Astronomy and have had such a great time with it!

    If you are interested in connecting with other Apologia users, check out the Apologia Blog Roll that I host here:


  6. Sarah~ Thanks for coming by! I have linked up and will be posting about it tomorrow! Thanks for the invite! I am excited to use the Apologia curriculum and I have an entire post about it tomorrow. Thanks for hosting the Blog Roll! I am looking forward to meeting others using the same books. :)


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