Friday, August 17, 2012

Midnight Serenades and BTS Shopping!


You will have to excuse me! I was up for quite a while last night as I was serenaded from my window. Oh, yes! Be jealous! My slumber was kindly interrupted by the beautiful singing of our cat. o.O Now, if you have never heard a cat sing, you would not know of the beauty of it's screams, shrieks, wails, song. I was just waiting for my daughter to come busting into my room terrified that her precious kitty was being torn apart, bit by bit by some menacing animal. Um, no dear, that is just the neighboring kitty. :D

Anyhoo, on a brighter note, we were able to go Back to School shopping yesterday. I always print out school supply lists for the girls and my father takes us all out to shop! Back to school shopping is a bit of a tradition since I was old enough to attend school. The girls had a wonderful time and it was all so precious to watch my little Sunshine (who will be in K-3 with Mommy this year) carry around her list, eagerly throwing things into the buggy. She has explained to everyone that she is having a Snow White school. ????  How is Mommy pulling that off? I guess we can count the princesses and name the colors of their dresses. LOL Gotta love homeschooling!

In further news, our classroom is now complete and looks like some rootin' tootin' fun! We are having a western theme this year and it turned out great. Our school books come in today and so I will be spending the weekend preparing schedules and organizing materials to prepare for..... wait for it..... OUR FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL on MONDAY! Yeehaw! Round 'em up pardners, it is time to learn!


  1. Yeehaw! Can't wait to see pictures.

  2. I know... I know! I have got to find my camera charger! LOL


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