Saturday, August 17, 2013

Crickets and Classrooms

Hi, friends! I am having to post from my phone as my internet is down and I have been unable to get on this past week. Ugh.. I have so much to share with you as I have been working hard on getting ready for my third grade class on Tuesday. I thought you might enjoy a few pictures. Here are a few before and after shots. It was a conference room on Tuesday and a classroom on Friday! Check them out! :)

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Come again? I'm hired?!

Welp, friends! I am jumping on to my little corner of cyber world to explain some life changing, earth moving news for my family. Let me just share with you my past week in a nutshell!

Tuesday evening, my hubby and I were driving around my his jeep on a few dirt roads while discussing our goals for the next few years.We both came to the conclusion that maybe I should send an email and "just see" about a teaching position. This would help us meet the goals that we have for our family. I already knew the principal and just shot her an email at around 8:00 Tuesday night. She responded to my email within 30 minutes to let me know there were positions open and to pass along the contact information in order to proceed.

The next morning, I called the personnel director's secretary who immediately sent me to the director himself. I chatted with him for a bit and he encourage me to come on down to the office to fill out some paperwork. Within the hour I had my paperwork filled out and I was on the roster for an 8:00 interview the next morning!

I went home with a few things to do to prepare for the interview and in the mean time, began to contact private schools in the area for the girls "just in case." The one I wanted had "just enough room." Coincidence? I think not! The next morning, I had a terrific interview and found out that afternoon that I would be teaching third grade at the school I was hoping for as it has an awesome Pre-K program for my youngest. I next called the private school and got that finalized! Of course, this summary leaves out the thought processes that I endured through that 48 hours but you can see how the pieces fell together so quickly that I am now doing the mamba trying to get everything ready to go!

My family will definitely be blessed by this turn of events that I can only describe as God's wonderful handiwork. Now, to say that my Pinterest has been blown away with third grade pins and my wish list on TPT has grown would be an understatement!

My family will definitely be blessed by this turn of events that I can only describe as God's wonderful handiwork. smileNow, to say that my TPT cart has EXPLODED getting ready for back to school would be an understatement!! lol I am now a third grade teacher! Wowzers! I went from a homeschooling Mom on Tuesday with no thoughts of getting back in the public classroom, to a third grade teacher on Thursday with Meet the Teacher in a week! O.o  For those who also teach third, I would love to connect! Would you like to follow along with my 3rd Grade pinterest finds? Follow along here!

I am soo excited to be in third as a bulk of my experience is in first. Any advice? Lol

Thursday, August 1, 2013

{NEW} 7th Grade Common Core Resources

Hello, friends! I have been working my little fingers off trying to finish up Common Core resources that have been requested. My latest pack deals with 7th Grade and had been requested some time ago. It has been on my to-do list slowly making its way to the top and I am ready to unveil the completed product!

This 7th Grade pack includes Common Core checklists for easy reference as well as assessment records that you can use per student or per class. You use these records to notate dates of instruction, assessment and remediation for each strand. You will also find posters to post on your wall or board that will note the strand being taught during that lesson. In a few of the packs, you will see planning pages that help you to plan or track your lessons. Here are the completed packs!  (Just click on any of the pictures to see it in my TPT store!)

This one was a doozy for 7th Grade ELA!

This pack is for 7th Grade Math.

And, here is 7th Grade Reading!

If you would like to purchase all three areas, you can buy the MEGA Bundle for additional savings. In this pack, you will receive all of the pages shown above!

Have a fantastic day!