Saturday, August 4, 2012


Hi guys! Today is going to be crazy busy but I thought I would link up with Farley at Oh, Boy Fourth Grade on her CURRENTLY linky! If you have never seen these, they are too cute! It is a great way to give a snapshot of what my life is looking like at the beginning of each month. Plus, she has the cutest graphics! So, without further ado... here you go!

Happy Blogging! I hope you are having a fantabulous weekend!


  1. Leah, thanks for becoming my newest follower....your blog is adorable. My sister also homeschools her children....20, 19, and 9! She has been doing it since they started Kindergarten. I don't get the chance to homeschool, but I do get to teach at the same school where my daughter will finish her last year in elementary, and where my son attended's the next best thing :) Good luck on the start of a great school year!!!

  2. Following you back :) Cute blog!

    A cruise?! Where ya going? I'm heading to Mexico for Christmas. We all deserve a vacation!

    Ashley @ Fierce in Fourth

  3. Lisa~ Thanks for coming over! I didn't start homeschooling until my oldest was in 3rd and my youngest was starting Kindergarten. I absolutely LOVE it... most days. LOL Before that I got to teach at my daughter's school and it was great being so close by. I was able to eat lunch with her and see her in the hallways.

    Ashley~ Thanks! I have just made a few changes and I love it! We are actually going on a 5 day trip to the Bahamas. We have been on the Cozumel Mexico cruise twice and wanted to try something different. I cannot WAIT! I hope to go to Atlantis while I am there. :) Hope you have an awesome Christmas trip!


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