Sunday, June 23, 2013

{New} Under the Sea Classroom Pack and FREEBIE!

Hello, everyone!! I am up late waiting for my clothes to finish drying so that I can pack them up for our family vacay! We are headed to North Georgia to hide away in a cabin by the lake. I am over the moon ecstatic to get the opportunity to spend a few days swimming, chilling, and hanging with my cute family as well as some of our dearest friends.

So, as a parting gift (since I will not be returning till NEXT WEEK) I thought I would update you with some of my newest packs as well as a freebie! I have been having so much fun creating classroom resources that are centered around a theme. As you know I have a whole series of items for a Hollywood classroom. Today, I have been working feverishly to create an "Under the Sea" pack! (Did you hear the in Sebastian's voice? I do every. single. time.)

Anyhoo, here are some of my latest! Hot off the presses! You can purchase what is shown below individually from my store OR in a bundle for a discount. Just click the pic below to check them out! I have also included a freebie for you to use in your classroom! Enjoy!

Here is the FREEBIE as promised! I hope it is something you can use on desks, cubbies, or even on bulletin boards!

Freebie Fridays

Have a great week my friends!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

ThrowBack Thursday: If You Can't Be Deep, Be Funny!

Hello, friends! I thought that I would join in today with a super cute linky party! It allows us to look back into our bloggy past and pull out a post to share again! I have to admit, I was amazed to see how much has happened and how far we have come in a year! I am about to celebrate my first bloggyversary! Yay!

If you want to join in on the fun, just click the link below!

Without further ado... Here is one my oldies (AUG 30, 2012) that might give you a chuckle. ;)

Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to announce the new additions to the Mathis family! No, I have NOT had another child but I am Auntie and Momma this evening as I picked up my niece and nephew today. My sister and her hubby and flying to New York City!!! Repeat with me, I am not jealous... I am not jealous! Is it working? :)

I have my nephew (2) and my niece (4) until tomorrow when all five children (mine included) will be headed to Papa and Noni's! Needless to say, my house is full of giggles, running, shrieking, and playing. As a result, blogging will be a minimum today, pizza is ordered, and a movie is playing! So, I say if you can't be deep, be funny! Here are a few of my favorites from Pinterest!



And, lastly, one of my ALL-TIME favorites!!!!

Happy Blogging!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Giveaway Opportunities~

Hello, friends! I am away all of this week but thought I would share a few giveaway opportunities for you! A few bloggy pals are reaching milestones and are sharing with presents for you! You might find something from Learning 4 Keeps in some of the packs. ;)  Here are a few that you can join this week!

** PS. We will be having a little giveaway here very soon that will be celebrating in a BIG way! Keep those eyes peeled! ;)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Review: Motherboard Books

Technology is an integral part of life in our family. We have computers, Kindles, iPods, and smartphones. The internet stays at our fingertips most of the time, except of course recently when I couldn't even get a cell signal out in the boonies. When given the opportunity to review computer instruction for kids that would result in a webpage, I jumped on the chance! The review today will be about the Let's Make a Webpage e-book by Motherboard Books.

Motherboard Books Logo photo motherboardbookslogo_zps225f4801.jpg


This 60 page e-book teaches your child how to create a web-page in a simplistic manner. Using a free trial software, students learn how to create their own web page project from the ground up. It is written for someone with no prior experience and relies heavily on the software for the specifics such as html and coding.


This was a very easy review. After downloading the software, I simply needed to print the e-book, place in a binder, and hand it to my girls. They worked together to walk through the process. I needed to offer very little support as they are both technologically minded and not afraid to jump into something new!

Good to Know

Let's Make a Web Page logo photo motherboardbooks-letsmakeawebpage_zpsc51e735a.png
  1. The e-book is 60 pages and written for 8-12 year olds. (However, depending on your child, this could be completed by those younger or older depending on technology experience.)
  2. You can purchase the book for $19.95 online and download straight to your computer.
  3. You will need to download Coffee Cup, a webpage editor to create a lesson project. The program that they use to complete it is simply a free trial so future projects could be difficult to complete. 

My Thoughts

This project was a fun starting point for webpage design. It allowed the girls to create something and share online with family. Creating and publishing was fun for them. My only concern from a teacher's standpoint is that they are taught using a particular free trial software. If unable to keep permanently, I cannot assign future projects in which they use the same procedure. Check out other reviews from my blogging buddies by clicking the link below!


 photo DisclaimerGraphic1_zpsf612f371.gif

Review: Math Mammoth

Math is a subject that can be daunting for homeschooling parents, especially if they are not confidant in the subject. We worry that we will not be able to teach the more difficult concepts in a way that is lasting and effective! I have talked with several parents who desire to homeschool but explain that though they aren't worried about other subjects, Math is a large worry. Today, I am going to share a Math program that takes out some of that worry: Math Mammoth. This company offers many great options for Math instruction like full programs or just single subject books that can support your child with a certain mathematical topic. As this review was towards the end of the school year, I chose books from the Blue Series.that would deepen their understanding of a topic or offer review.
 photo logo_zps1488a12d.jpg


The Blue Series, written by Maria Miller, are Math books that focus on topic rather than grade. All worksheets are taken from the Light Blue series that is a full curriculum and organized in a natural progression. Each lesson is presented in a simplistic and easy to understand format. After reading the instruction at the top of the page, the student then completes the practice to immediately put that knowledge to use. There are no looping problems as each problem relates to what has just been taught. However, the topics build on one another in a systematic fashion.


I chose two topics for each of my girls. Nat used Early Geometry and Multiplication. Em used Geometry 2 and Statistics. For the most part, each girl completed their pages independently. They completed one lesson a day in each book. As the problems weren't exhaustive (meaning they weren't exhausted by the time they completed a lesson!) it was not difficult for them to complete two.I did offer some support; however, the instruction was easy to understand and implement! 

Good to Know

 photo blueseries_zpsb625de99.jpg 1.  Here are the specifics on the books that I used with my girls. As you can see, you get a lot of bang for your buck.

    • Early Geometry- Grades 1-3, 119 pages, $2.75
    • Geometry 2- Grades 6-7, 105 pages, $5.80
    • Multiplication-  Grades 2-3, 102 pages, $5.00
    • Statistics and Probability- Grades 5-7, 101 pages, $5.30
2.  They can be used as a supplement to a current program, as remediation for a particular topic, or a review. You can even use them to create a full curriculum; however, a better option is to purchase the full curriculum version to take the guess work out of progression and planning.

3.  Follow this link to find a complete list of the books available in the Blue series. It might be just what you were looking for!

4.  All books come with answer keys that are located in the back of the books.

5.  If you have annotated tools on your iPad or computer, the PDF files come with the option of completing the problems on your method of technology rather than printing the pages out. I did not have this option so I would print out 10 lessons at a time and file in their binders to complete.

6.  Still have questions about this program? Visit the Math Mammoth website to sign up for a virtual tour that will also provide you with 300 free worksheets and samples! This will give you a personal look at what this company offers and how it can take some of the tears out of Math time!

My Thoughts

I would highly recommend these Math books in your homeschool or even for those children that attend school but struggle with a particular topic! The instruction is simple and the practice just enough to  bring your child confidence. Also, be sure to visit my review friends to see what they thought of Math Mammoth!


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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Review: See the Light Art Projects

 photo logo_zpsd9b498e2.gifHello, friends! Do you integrate Art into your homeschool? I will be sharing a great program that is founded on Biblical precepts and created with your child in mind! Today I will be sharing about See the Light: Art Projects with Pat Knepley; more specifically, I will be describing the Poppy Collage DVD.


In her art series, Pat Knepley focuses on artistic styles of famous artists. She then walks through a 4 lesson process that will guide your student in creating a project that resembles that style. For the Poppy Collage lesson, she focuses on art history (realism, abstraction, Georgia O'Keeffe) , art elements (color, space, shape) , and art principles (color gradation, warm colors, balance). This lesson teaches how to use colored art tissue paper to create an abstract flower in a beautiful display.

 photo ap_complete_5_zps25b130ea.jpg Her four lessons range from 17-22 minutes and provide a systematic process of learning and completing a goal. But before you think that the DVD is technical and boring, let me assure you that Pat Knepley teaches in such a way that maintains your interest and provides excitement! In fact, you can see video samples by visiting the See the Light webpage! Go ahead and explore the website! There are great goodies there to find. 


We completed the DVD in one day. Once my girls got going they didn't want to stop! The video portion took about an hour and a half. However, the art project did take quite a bit longer. My girls LOVE art so they like to take their time and get things just right. I know that they will use this video and technique in the future again as it was so enjoyable for them both.

Good to Know

  1. This DVD is recommended for ages 10 and up. However, my *almost* 9 year old loves art and had no problems.
  2. You can purchase the DVD for $14.99 online and they even have the option to pay through Paypal, which is a great option in my opinion.
  3. Though my girls completed the lessons in one day, you could easily spread them out and watch one lesson a day with the fifth day being a completion day. This would make the lesson last a full week.
  4. You will need to purchase supplies to complete the artwork but full supply lists are provided for each project before you purchase! This makes it easy to choose what will be feasible to do for your family. 
  5. There are other many other Art projects available as well cartooning lessons and Bible Stories DVD's available. There are sure to be options perfect for your kiddos. 

My Thoughts

This is definitely a great curriculum to integrate into your homeschool that will teach Art history, elements and principles in a fun way! Each project is one that your child has the means to accomplish! I enjoyed Pat Knepley's teaching as well as the excitement my girls had as they entered Art time. It was more than crayons and paper, though these have their place. I will definitely be looking to this curriculum for our future Art needs.

Have a great day everyone and be sure to check out what others have to say about this Art program!


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Sunday, June 2, 2013

June Currently

Happy Sunday! It has been for-eh-ver since I have taken part in the fun Currently linky party!! So, I thought I would jump in today! Here is my June Currently.

Listening- to sweet silence as my family is resting from the day. I am resting in my own way! Blogging... ;)

Loving- the new flamingo welcome banner I have just completed. You can't help but smile when you see those adorable birds!! Take a gander!
You are smiling, right?? I knew it! ;) SO CUH- UTE!

Thinking- We had such a beautiful day at church this morning. I am so blessed to worship with such a beautiful family of people! I am also thinking about our schedule for June. Did I just say that?! JUNE!! Oh, my... Anyhoo, this will be a very busy one as we will be traveling quite a bit this month for special services, campmeetings, and VACAY!! Whoop, whoop! How does a cabin by a lake with some of our closest friends sound? Can... not... wait!

Wanting- a POOL! I still haven't convinced my sweetie that we really do need one!! But, I have three beautiful girls and the Florida hot summer weather on my side. :) I believe the odds are in my favor.

Needing- At this moment... a big sweet tea and a some chocolate. Okay... okay! My hips are saying I don't NEED it but my sweet tooth begs to differ!

VACAY essentials-  
  1. Phone to snap pictures and make all of my friends on Facebook jealous. Hey! They do it to me all the time! ;) Plus, I am stuck on a level in Candy Crush that I believe will probably usher me to an early death from a heart attack! Ack!
  2. Some comfy sweats... I can not hear that without thinking of Nacho Libre. Please tell me you have watched it! It is one of my faves!! Anyhoo, I want to be super oober comfy while on vacation and sweats fit the bill!
  3. Flip flops... ummmm... yeah, so I like to be comfy... 
There you go!! This is what is CURRENTLY going on here at Learning 4 Keeps central. Make sure to join in on all the fun with Farley!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

New Collaborative Clipart Post and FREEBIE!

Did you know that I am a contributor to Clipart Collaborators? I have a brand new post that shares how you can get a brand new borders set FREE!! All you have to do is be a follower of my FACEBOOK page. :) This freebie will be updated each month!  Follow the link below to find it on Facebook or click the link on the right.


NEW Homework Resource: Save the Ink!

Hello, everyone! I have been having so much fun creating over these past few days. I hope it makes up for the bit of absence over the last few weeks. :)  My newest resource is a customizable homework sheet that allows you to save some ink! My last pack that includes 40 different homework sheets has done very well but are full color. If color ink is not a problem for you, you can find it by clicking the picture below.

However, I know that many of you don't have the luxury of color printers! Or, if you do, you wouldn't want to spend the ink on a homework sheet. So, I went back to the drawing board and created blackline homework sheets that you can customize! In this pack, you will find 20 homework sheets that follow the same format but have different themes so that you can use different pages throughout the year. Some of the themes you will find: Hollywood, Back to School, Holiday, Thanksgiving, Valentine, Martin Luther King, Jr and more!  Here is a preview of them all!

(BTW, are you a follower of the Learning 4 Keeps Facebook page? I usually host a giveaway on all new products and someone won this pack free last night! Head on over and join us!)

The goal for these homework sheets was to create a place for you to easily type in your homework or announcements for each day, a place to list spelling words, as well as an area for the parents' initials. The large letters for each day can be colored by the student when they have finished that evening's homework.
I hope that they will be just what you need! I am currently working on newsletters that are also blackline. :)

Just click on the picture below to find this new pack in my TPT store and if you wouldn't mind, could you take a moment to pin it? Would it help if I said pretty please? ;) Have a fantastic weekend everyone!