Tuesday, July 31, 2012

2nd Grade Common Core Packets Complete!

As I have had several ask to be kept apprised of when I complete Common Core Packets for each grade level, I thought I would blog about my latest completion! I am really excited about this packet as I have added a few components. As I was creating the 2nd grade common core packet, I thought about how I would have liked to keep a record of when I taught the concepts and what their assessment scores actually were, instead of just checking a box. I also thought about how sometimes we need to offer remediation and this would also need to be recorded in an organized fashion. Therefore, I updated this packet to include these items. So, this is what the 2nd grade packet includes:

~ Student checklist of each strand written in simple language. These would be perfect for Math journals or folders! The student can then check off their own achievement and see a record of it at the end of the year! Pretty exciting! Here it is in the apple print and zebra print:

~ Teacher checklist which includes a more detailed list of these strands which includes a place to record instruction, assessments, and grades. It also includes a remediation section where you can list any student remediation that was necessary. Here it is in the apple and zebra print:

Lastly, I have created signs that correlate to each standard. This creates an easy method of posting the strands for instruction. They also match the student checklists so that each student can visualize their own growth. Here is a sample in both prints!

Both packets can be found at my teacher store! I hope you will check them out! I am currently working on grade 3!!

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Are there any themes you would be interested in?? Comment below!

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