Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Rain Drops Are Falling on My Head!

Okay, be honest! Did you sing the title?! hehehe.... I sang it while I typed it out. :D In sunny Florida, we have  been having *notsosunny* weather! We have had rain falling non stop in my corner of the woods and I am loving it! Of course, it wasn't as thrilling when I went tearing out of the house yesterday with two children in tow!

My eldest, who I call my steel trap because she never forgets ANYTHING, reminds me at 10:35 that they have haircut appointments at 11:00.  O.O  And we live 20 minutes away. !!!!!!! Holy Moly, Batman! We met all sort of Olympic records as we got ready and jumped into the van. It was a gold medal showing, I am telling you! Of course, not if we were judged by our style. I was looking, let's just say...relaxed! hehehe....

An- Neee- wayz.... we got there just in time and let me say I am glad we did! JC Penneys is offering free children's cuts at their salon and we walked out of there without spending a penny! Love it!

Back to the rain... I love hearing the rain fall when I am snug as bug in my comfy clothes and working around the house. I have watched the rain and noticed how clean the air feels and how green nature looks on days like today. It is as if each raindrop is washing away a bit of the past; all of the residue the hot, sticky days seem to leave behind. It reminded me of this new school year that is before me. To be honest, I have had a bit of apprehension of starting a whole new year! It will surely mean new challenges, and questions always seem to come into play. Am I doing the best I know to do for my girls? Is there something more I can do? Was last year a failure?

As I sat and watched the rain, I thought of how important it is to let what has happened in the past wash away so that I can embrace this new year with a clean, fresh start. No, I didn't get to do everything that I wanted to and, yes, there were a few areas my girls didn't excel the way I would have liked. However, there was so much accomplished! I must not dwell on my shortfalls, but at what has been done! My girls may not be able to complete a world history timeline to perfection but they are fantastic readers and writers! They may not be able to name every bird of North America, BUT their musical abilities astound!  I have taken note of what they need this year, and we will be doing a great deal of focus in these areas.

So, I am allowing everything I have seen as my own shortcomings to be washed away, and I am starting a new year with zeal and excitement! We are using some new curriculum and we have a new classroom with a new theme! Sounds like "all things have become new!" ;)

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Happy Blogging! And here's to a new year!


  1. What curriculum are you going to use this year? I'm looking at home schooling mine in the future. And just wondering...do you miss teaching in the classroom? Or does homeschooling fill that "teacher's itch?" :-)

  2. So jealous you're getting rain. We've had a drought all summer and only ONE day of rain in two months. Know any songs about fires? Because we've had so many wildfires... and I live in MISSOURI!

    Ashley @ Fierce in Fourth

  3. Rebecca~ Every now and then I will miss the classroom but those times are pretty few and far between. I absolutely LOVE that I get to be with my kids. We have been using A Beka which worked pretty well early on as we got established but mine are getting older and need some variety. So I will be using some Bob Jones, Apologia, and A Beka with a few other things to supplement. If you hit the homeschool tab up top, you will see pictures of all that I am using this year. :) If you have any questions, feel free to email me! I love talking to others about homeschooling. Thanks for stopping in!

  4. Ashley~ "Missouri's HOT, HOT, HOT!" :) It was all I could think of! :D Hope you are safe from the fires and you get some relief soon!


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