Monday, August 27, 2012

A Day in the Life...

Many wonder what a day might look like when peeking into a homeschooler's home. Here is what Angels Academy looks like thus far!

~ 7:30 the Angels start rustling up out of bed. Mom has already prepared yummy morning muffins with oatmeal for a well-balanced meal. NOT! We are a cereal eating family, Frosted Flakes and Mini Wheats being some of our favorites.

~ Everyone must be completely dressed (sans shoes- the perks!) with their bed made, sitting in the living room for family Bible time by 8:00.

~ Family Bible time and prayer

~ 8:30 school starts! We begin with Math, Em works on a morning Math starter while I teach NatNat her lesson. While NatNat works on her Independent Practice, I teach Em her Math lesson. While Em completes her Math Independent Practice, I teach NatNat her Language lesson. (Dizzy yet? tehehehe)
I continue this same flipflop pattern during Language and Writing. Lastly, we complete Science which we get to do together. Throughout the day, I am able to snag 10-15 minutes segments to work with my Sunshine on learning activities. During the rest of the time, she has free-play and art.

Since we are doing a semester schedule, we are able to get finished with the day by noon. Woohoo!

~ After all school work and projects are complete, the girls read library books and get ready for their tests to earn points online (you can read about that here) while I prepare lunch.

~ Lunch

~ After lunch, afternoon chores are completed. They each have a couple of things they do every afternoon that helps keep the house running and keeps Mom from doing nothing BUT run! :) Also, Em asked if she could work with Sunshine at the end of the day on letters, numbers, and colors. Ummmmm, sure! I heart homeschooling!

After all school work and chores are completed, the day determines what we do next. Mondays will usually include errands and grocery shopping. If it is Tuesday, we go to the library after chores. If it is Thursday, we usually have to go down to the church to prepare for the evening service. Some days, we will just see where the wind takes us!

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  1. Nice day! How wonderful to be finished with school by lunchtime!


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