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Blogger Showcase: Teachable Moments

Today, I would like to showcase Teachable Moments! I find it amazing that through the internet we can connect with people on the other side of the world! It is fascinating to see our wonderful differences and similarities. You will love this post and it even includes freebies at the end! Read and enjoy!

Fractions by Teachable Moments

My name is Brooke. I'm a Year 2 teacher from Sydney Australia and my blog is Teachable Moments.

I am happy to be blogging here while Leah is on holidays :)

Fractions. Kids either seem to love them or hate them. Personally, as a student, I hated them and just couldn't understand them. But that was in the era of worksheets, worksheets, worksheets. Now we have fabulous hands-on resources at our disposal! Lucky kids hey?

I wanted to share with you some of the activities I use to teach and reinforce the concept of fractions with my Year 2 class.

Play-Doh Fractions
I have a selection of playdoh mats in this activity that range from making shapes to cut into halves or quarters to find a fraction of a collection of items eg. make 12 balls and divide them into quarters. How many in one quarter of the group.

Make a Pizza
Using a paper plate, students make their own 'pizza' using coloured paper. They might choose one half cheese, one quarter peppers and one quarter tomato. They then write a little blurb underneath using fraction notation to describe their pizza.

Fraction of a collection sorting
This one is super easy - as long as you have counters and some plastic bowls. Make some task cards eg Take 20 counters and divide the group into quarters. Set out the appropriate amount of bowls (two for half or four for quarters) and get students to share the counters equally among the bowls until they come to an answer.

Fraction cards matching
I have used these fabulous FREE task cards in my classroom for matching the visual of a fraction with its fraction notation. The download also includes the fraction word which is great if you have students you would like to extend. Go and grab it here.

and a FREEBIE for teaching fractions for you
Make a Pizza - Internet Task cards 
I developed these task cards after finding a very cute game on ABCya. The game is to make your own pizza. I made some cards up that use the ingredients in the game to practice halves and quarters. Click the picture to go and grab them.

Once again thanks Leah for letting me come and visit your blog :)

My name is Brooke and I live south west of Sydney. I have been teaching on and off for 7 years and have two kiddies of my own. I have been blogging since around April/May and love the great community I have found.

Thank you so much Brooke! It has been my pleasure to have you!

As I will be heading back home today, this will conclude the Learning 4 Keeps Blogger Showcase! I hope that you have all enjoyed meeting some of my favorite bloggers. There are so many creative and inspiring educators around the world and I am so blessed to have *met* just a few of them! See you soon and I hope that I am a toasty tan and not a burnt lobster! LOL

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