Thursday, September 20, 2012

Reading Strategies

Hi, friends! Reading is a passion of mine. In fact, when I applied for my internship, I chose first grade because it is the year that students really learn to read! After my internship, I was so thankful to find first grade positions to work in. There is nothing better than having a front row seat to a student's reading growth! Even better, to watch a student's love for reading grow! That is magical to me!

 One thing that I found in teaching Reading is that it can best be learned by actually doing. This means that to learn to read, you must read! Simple, huh? Not really if the child doesn't want to read or has a difficult time reading. Just getting them to read period is an accomplishment.
So, I constantly found different ways to encourage or excite children about reading! One technique that I am sure many have heard about is D.E.A.R. reading.  This stands for Drop Everything And Read. At some point in the day, I would say, "Time for DEAR reading!" All of the students would drop what they were doing, grab a book, and head for an area in the room. I let them choose to go wherever they would like. This could be lying under a desk, in a corner, or at a table. The rule? READ!  I found that the students were excited about DEAR reading because they never knew when I would say it, and they felt they were "getting out of" their other work. ;) I also had a box of stuffed animals that were in the shapes of bugs that the students could choose. The kids loved to grab their "Reading Bug" to take with them!
Another reading method was Buddy Reading. I would say, "Time for Buddy Reading!" The students would grab a partner, grab a book, and read together. The rule? Read by taking turns, page by page. I did not do this everyday. It was usually about twice a week. I would sometimes assign the book. For instance, I would have them buddy read using their reading book for extra practice. To switch things up, I would also assign partners at times. I would keep in mind those students who were patient or natural teachers and partner them with struggling readers.
One thing I have never gotten over is the beauty on a child's face when they have successfully read an entire book. I have tried to pass on the same passion for reading to my girls and I never get tired of finding them sitting in a corner of the house buried in a book.  My favorite quote has long been, "Reading is the magic key, to take you where you want to be."  Read on, my friends!

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