Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Behavior Management? How Do You Manage?

Hello, friends! My topic today will be about behavior management! I confess that over the years teaching, I used several different methods. The "pull a card" method was my first, a little old but it was effective. I also created a "Take Five" method that used popsicle sticks and miniature hand stickers: fun and when I was consistent, very effective! Isn't that always the secret? Consistency...

Anyhoo, today there are many more great ideas out there to manage the classroom and many focus on reinforcing positive behavior rather than just punishing negative behaviors. So, I began to do a little research and created a behavior pack that I think you will like! It is based on the vertical behavior clipchart that so many are using! I thought that I would make it cutesy so I went with an adorable owl theme! For serious! This is one my favorites out of the items I have ever created. Evah! What do you think?

This pack includes decorative signs to encourage good choices! It also has seven circles that can be printed on cardstock, laminated and attached to a vertical ribbon strand or board. The student's names are written on clothespins and all begin on the Ready to Learn circle. The student's can move up the circles to Star Student  by choosing good behaviors throughout the day. They can also move down the circles to allow students to track their behavior and make better choices. A cause and effect chart is also included to explain the consequences of moving down the chart. Notecards have been included that can be stapled to homework or included in their homework folders that will let the parent know their child's behavior and a record form is also included for you to notate a child's behavior throughout the week. This could be used for every child or perhaps just the children that you feel needs a record of behavior for parent conferences or meetings. (I am sure a face popped into your head as soon as I said that!)   ;) 

I hope you can use it! Just to add a bit of excitement, I will be giving a pack away to the first comment on this blog post! Just comment and leave your email! You can also find it on my TPT store here.

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  1. I love it! It is so cute!


  2. Congrats Rachel! Your pack is on the way! I hope you can use it! :)

  3. Love that notes are already done and can just be stapled to their folder.

  4. Thank you everyone! I thought it turned out pretty cute! :)


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