Sunday, September 16, 2012

"Wowzers, What A Winner" Giveaway!

Hello, friends! I am so excited to be celebrating 100 followers!!! This has been such a great journey and I am excited about the future of my little spot in the bloggyverse! It has been a great place to connect and share.

So, in honor of this occasion, I am offering a fantabulous giveaway with the help of some buddy sellers and bloggers! Ummmm... make that 26 buddy sellers and bloggers... WHOA! The best part is there will be more than one winner. The following items will be grouped in 5-6 item packs that will also include an item from yours truly. That means that I will have 5 winners who will win great packs of educational resources! That sounds like quite a celebration to me!
Check out what you can win and the awesome friends who are taking part! You can click on their name or button to visit their blogs! Buckle up bloggie friends; this will be quite a trip!

Second Grade Nest
Second Grade Nest will be donating a Literature Fun Friday Teacher's Guide packed with activities revolving around popular children's books! Check it out here!

Creation Castle is donating a Nutty About Prefixes Pack that can be used for centers, practice, or assessments! You can check out this super cute pack here:
Kristin Dammaco- a fellow TPT seller will be donating a short vowel center set!  This pack includes worksheets, cards, charts, and games! You can check it out here:
Fun Games 4 Learning
Fun Games 4 Learning is donating an Ultimate Math Board Games Collection that is PACKED with awesome games! Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are all in this MUST HAVE set. Take a glance at it here:
Primary Paradise is contributing an Ordinal Numbers set that includes an original song, picture cards, posters, a puzzle, and worksheets! These all work together to teach and reinforce the concept of ordinal numbers! You can look at this fantastic resource here:

Enter for these great resources here! More are listed below!
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Amy at Adventures in Teaching is contributing a Vivid Vocabulary pack that includes 6 sets of vocabulary activities! You can use these as whole group activities or in centers! Here's where you can find out more:

Jenn at Live.Teach.Create. has offered her Wonderful Word Problems set to assist in reinforcing the all-important word problem skills! You can see it here!

Teach With Laughter
Teach With Laughter has  been so generous to allow you to choose from her awesome store! With over 80 products to choose from, that is quite a choice! You can start filling out your wishlist at
Bayside Teacher has contributed a pack of eight dominoes games that focus on percentages, fractions, and decimals! This would be great to use in a math center! It is also a Halloween item that would be perfect to use in the month of October!  Check it out here:

Flying into First Grade
Flying Into First Grade has invited you to visit her store and pick any item you would like if you win this giveaway!! Want to start looking! Head to her store here:
Enter for your chance to win this great set here then keep scrolling for more!
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No, my friends! That is not all you can win! Keep reading for more exciting products available in the giveaway!
teaching, life, and everything in between
Teaching, Life, and Everything in Between has donated her Using Your Senses Poetry Activity that would be great to use in a center! It includes topic cards, poetry paper, a graphic organizer and more! You can see this item here:
The Groovy Teacher has offered a groovy deal in that the winner can choose an item from her store! She has an adorable Halloween Math Center Pack that you will love but that is not all she has! Check it out here:
Primary Possibilities has offered her Initial Sounds and Letter Identification activities for the winner! This set could be used for small groups, interventions, centers, or station work. You can see this cute set here:

Kindergarten Squared is a dynamic duo who has offered their Fabulous 200 Fry Word Journal and Practice! It is an awesome resource for teaching the second 100 Fry Words that will last an entire year! You can see this fabulous item here:
Liv to Teach
Liv to Teach has offered an excel spreadsheet pack called Response to Intervention Made Easy! This provides a great way to monitor children in your classroom. She has even made it easy for you to implement it by providing a video! You can get the 411 on this great set here:

Enter to win this pack here then keep scrolling for even more!

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Is this all a girl can give?! Is this all a blogger can offer?! No way! Keep reading! ;)

I Love First Grade has been so generous to offer her 44 page Wild About Word Work Set that allows you the ability to insert your own words! How fantastic is that?! This set provides 10 weeks of word work and you can find it here:
Teaching Beginning Spanish Sounds
Doodles and Kreations (Teaching Spanish Beginning Sounds) has offered their English Alphabet Letter Writing Cards. These would be great to use for early writers! Check it out here:

Linda at Around the Kampfire has offered her "Action Adventures with -tion and -ture" pack that includes hands-on activities and a writing crafitivity! You can scope out this amazing set at:
A Series of Third Grade Events has offered her Teaching PIE (Author's Purpose) with Chocolate Chips pack! It is a fun and yummy way to teacher the author's purpose in persuasion, information, and entertainment pieces. Have a look!
Frog Spot Blog From the Pond
Frogspot has been so generous to offer any item from her teaching resource store!! My...! You might want to start looking now! With over 240 items to choose from, it may take you all week to find just what you would like! This is a fantastic opportunity! Check out her amazing store here:
Enter here and then find more below!
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Hippity Hop Teacher Spot has also been so generous to allow a shopping trip in her store! The winner will choose any item they wish! You will find great Science, Math and Literacy resources to enjoy! Check it out here:
Sparkles, Smiles, and Student Teaching has offered her Movie Themed Reward Coupons that help to reinforce positive behaviors in the classroom. You can look at this cute resource here:
The Peanut Gallery has been so kind to donate her adorable punctuation posters! Each colorful poster has an adorable bug theme that would dress up any classroom! Look at this cute resource here:

The Teacher's Workspace has offered a Constitution Day Power Pack that could be used as a tool to enhance your lessons! Check out the pack here!

Confessions of a Teaching Junkie
Confessions of a Teaching Junkie has offered a great Powerpoint resource to teach inferences. It is an 18 slide presentation with modeled and guided instruction. Check it out here!
Last, but certainly NOT least, is 
Rulin' the Roost has offered a pack of Pumpkin Patch Math Story Problems! These adorable activities allow students to work through story problems and show how they find the answer! Adorable! You can find them here:
Enter for this great pack here!
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How do you like them apples?? or products?? ;) 


  1. There are so many wonderful prizes to choose from! I will be happy just to win one item!

  2. Any of the items would be great to win! I do love it when you get to pick what you want-that way you know what you need!

  3. I am crossing my fingers for both of you! Good luck!

  4. Wow, so many to choose from!! I'd be thrilled to win any of the products!
    Congrats! And enjoy your trip!

  5. I would be happy with any of the prizes!

  6. I'd LOVE to add these amazing prizes to my special education classroom!

  7. Im particularly excited about the ordinal numbers one!

  8. I like the ones where you get to choose your own :)

    Thanks and congrats on 100 followers!


  9. Thank you all! I wish I could give a pack to all of you! LOL I am amazed at the talent of these great educators! Best of luck!

  10. I would be excited for any of this, but I really would love the Ultimate Math Games Collection. :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  11. I am most excited about the math board games!

    Fourth Grade Lemonade

  12. I am excited about the Prefixes

  13. I am most excited about any of the math items. I would love some new resources for math!
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    I Want to be a Super Teacher

  14. I am so glad you are all finding something to get excited about! Best of luck!

  15. Love your blog! Thanks for the chance.

  16. That's a whole latta stuff that you're giving away. . . how could I possibly choose only one as my favorite!

  17. So many good ones. I've been looking for math activities and looks like there's some good ones! Thanks for the chance to win them!

  18. This is like Christmas in September. Thanks for the awesome give a ways!

  19. Thank you all for linking up! Congratulations to all the winners!

  20. Leah, thank you so much! I am very excited to be the winner.


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