Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Blogger Showcase: The Enchanted Homeschooling Mom

I am so excited to be welcoming a homeschooling Mom like myself! However, this busy Mom does more than teach, she also creates great resources and blogs in her spare time. (*wink...*wink...) As I am a homeschooling Mom, I know the irony of that phrase! Please welcome Jill from The Enchanted Homeschooling Mom!

Old Book Treasures Found During Our Apple Orchard Field Trip

After a long outing of apple picking at our local apple orchard, I sat down to flip through some treasures I found at my favorite little bookstore that sells old used books in our small town. 

I found this AMAZING geography book that we will be using for many years to come.  

I also found an old McGuffey reader. The stories and illustrations are fantastic!

Then I stumbled on this Holt science textbook from the 80’s. I am so thrilled with this purchase. I found this textbook for less than $5.00. It comes with all of the basics for K-3 as well as chapter activities, tests and assignments. It has everything that today’s science books cover in the classroom with the exception that the pictures are very outdated but the kids get a kick out of it and it remind me of my youth since I was in elementary school in the 80’s.

My absolute favorite find of that trip really is this book. It is from 1946 and is made by Scott Foresman. I paid less than $6.00 (since they gave our family a homeschooling discount on everything we bought). This book was geared towards the second half of the school year in 2nd grade. The illustrations are gorgeous and the stories are simplistic yet still relatable in this day and age.

Moral of this story is no matter where you are, keep your homeschooling sonar goggles on and you may just some real treasures (It also helped that right before I went into the bookstore I had a huge espresso so I had more than enough focus and energy, LOL). I plan to keep these books as keepsakes for our children in hopes that one day they might homeschool my future grandchildren.

Make it a magical homeschooling day,

Jill is the creator and author of Enchanted Homeschooling Mom blog and E.H.M. Member’s Only Website. She has been homeschooling her two children for over 5 years now. Life can get busy very quickly in Jill’s household with a husband, 2 children and 3 dogs. She prides herself in the time and attention she places on educating and enriching her children. She happily shares all of her creations that she has made for her family’s homeschooling journey with everyone.

Thanks so much Jill! Being an educator is so amazing because you can literally find teachable moments and resources everywhere you go! For instance, you will find many amazing resources over at The Enchanted Homeschooling Mom! ;) I hope you will check it out!

See you tomorrow for another Blogger Showcase where I will be spotlighting a blogger/TPT seller who has great products and freebies! I, of course, will be lounging in the Bahamas... Ahhhhhhhhh...........  *grin*


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