Thursday, September 13, 2012

Who Likes Test Taking?.... No Hands? :)

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As an educator, test-taking is a necessary evil. Most would agree that a well-written test can be a great way to measure achievement and understanding. However, the test can be skewed for many factors: the test is poorly written or the student just doesn't feel like taking it! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have had students that I knew were more than capable to complete the test but just did not want to try.

To help with this problem, I created a "Test-Taking Commitment" Poster to display in the room. After reading with the class, all students sign the bottom. I also created a little pop-up sign that can be placed on their desks to remind them of their commitment. I created several different versions so that you can choose depending on your printing capabilities. Here are the pics:

If you think you can use them, feel free to download them for free at my TPT store!

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