Monday, October 1, 2012

A Carnival Cutie, A Bahama Mama, A Trip Back to Reality

Hello friends! I have returned from my cruise and we had a fantastic time! The weather was beautiful and the water some of the clearest I have ever seen! Our first stop was Half Moon Cay, and let me say that it is now my favorite beach EVAH! Check this out:

BTW, I did get a little bit of sun so I am now a little less like Casper and just slightly darker than the sand. grin  We also went to two other ports in the Bahamas and I have to say that Atlantis in Nassau is WOW! Over the top for sure....

To wrap up a fantastic week, I could sum it up in three words: rest, laughs, and FOOD! Dear, Lord did we ever eat. I tried sushi and am now a fan! What luck, the sushi bar was open every night at 5:00! Also, the dining room food was so delicious that I admit I may have added just a few pounds... or 20... 
Here are a few pics to enjoy! Check out my Carnival Cutie ;)

The Carnival Cutie and Bahama Mama!

The beautiful glass sculptures at Atlantis in Nassau!

 Enjoying the sunset.... sigh...

We have watched the sun set on another restful vacation and it is back to reality! We had a record day at our church yesterday and have so much to be anticipating. I am so thankful for safe keeping for my family and my home. We now get to enjoy fireworks in our home as suitcases are exploding everywhere! ;) It is back to reality my friends and I have to say, it's good to be home!


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