Friday, September 7, 2012

Homeschool Reflection: Part Three

Today I will wrap up my Homeschool Reflection by looking at a few things we have accomplished in August!

Sunshine- Coloring, the number 1, colors: blue, red, green, yellow, purple, pink, and orange
She has also learned how to cut and glue, at least in theory. We haven't quite figured out how to cut on the line but we are having fun anyway! :) Here is a sample of her coloring. I think it is awesome for a three year old!

Next, we have my NatNat. She is in third grade this year and is doing such a great job! I have noticed that the topics she struggled with at the end of last year is being understood much easier now. She has been working with writing a "How To" paper, writing 6 digit numbers in expanded form, place value to the hundred thousands, fact families, compound subjects and verbs, review from last year and painting! We have also been learning about space, gravity, the universe, NASA and the Sun! Here is a picture she created with her new paint set:

Lastly, we have my Em. She is my sixth grade wonder. She has been working on writing a Personal Narrative, using descriptive words, exponents, properties of addition and multiplication, adding and subtracting decimals, 10 digit numbers, place value, compound subject and verbs, independent and dependent clauses, as well as correct punctuation. She has also been learning about space, gravity, the sun, NASA and the universe! Here is the picture she created with acrylic paints:

August was a great month for us and I am looking forward to a great year! Be sure to check in tomorrow as I will be featuring a great TPT seller in a Product Feature! It is an amazing Common Core resource for any classroom! You won't want to miss it! Happy Blogging!

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