Friday, October 5, 2012

Introducing Learning 4 Keeps Design and a Graphic Freebie!

Hello, friends! I have been so excited for the last few days because I have went back to doing something that I had put down years ago: ART! While looking around for clipart that I could use for my Thanksgiving Unit (coming soon!), I was having a hard time finding exactly what I wanted! Eureka! How about I pull out my old friend Sharpie and have a go at it myself?!  Drawing, doodling, and cartooning have been a few of my favorite hobbies since I was in elementary school. I have a notebook full of drawings that I keep with me. This week, I have been working on creating graphics that can be used by teachers and teacher resources creators.

May I introduce you to: Learning 4 Keeps Design! As a graphic artist, my desire is to offer clipart for teachers and teacher resources creators that cut out alot of the hooplah for permission to use! My only request is that my button and link be included in your resources should you buy and use them. :) Easy enough?

All of my current packs are now available at my TPT store. You can also take a peek at my Graphics page which is riiiiighhhhttttt here:

I hope you like them! As a way to celebrate, I am offering my Trip to the Pumpkin Patch graphic set for FREE. :) Feel free to use and just credit me with my button and link. Click the pic below for the free graphics! Enjoy!

Freebie Fridays


  1. Love it! Thank you so much for sharing your talent in art with everyone!

  2. You are welcome Jill! I hope you can use them in some of your great units! :)

  3. For a second I thought I was at the wrong blog! The new design looks great!
    Fun in 1st Grade

  4. LOL! Sorry for the confusion Dana! I am trying to update it to have a consistent feel between my blog, store, and clipart designs. Glad you like it! I am the biggest second guesser in the world! :) Thanks for dropping by!


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