Monday, October 8, 2012

Celebrating Columbus Day and Sweetness from my Hubs!

Hello, friends! Today has been a bit of a rough day. I have been feeling sick for a few days. Yuck! But I have still managed to check a great majority of items off of my "It's Bugging Me Till I Can Get It Done!" List. You know the one I am talking about!! You don't want to do it but you have to and when you finally do it, it is not as bad as what you thought. Oh, yeah! That one! My list now only holds 1 more item and I don't have the strength to tackle it today. So, I have moved that to my procrastination file. tehehehehee Don't judge! ;)

Here is what my day started with from my sweet hubby:
That is a yummy Caramel Mocha, a new file box, sharpies and paper for my new clipart endeavors! Sorry, ladies... he is taken. ;) He even remembered the new hanging files to go IN the file box. Sigh... true love my friends, true love!

Next, the girls and I completed a unit on Christopher Columbus. I have thoroughly enjoyed the great resources on TPT! Our day included an interactive lesson, comprehension fun, internet scavenger hunts, a board game, vocabulary game, and writing activities that focus on Christopher Columbus. Even my Lillee got involved by coloring and creating a telescope. Here are a few pics!

Hope you have all had a fantastic day! Did you do anything for Columbus Day?


  1. Looking forward to the new graphics that you will be putting out with that new set of sharpies! I would like for you to make me an icon that looks like me (but is much younger and much skinnier). Do you do that sort of thing? If so, how do I make that happen?


  2. Thanks Donna!! I would love to do that for you. If you will email me a pic of what you would like caricatured, I will start work on it. I will then email you the caricature. IF you like it, we will work out the payment. Thanks for the kind words! I look forward to begin "drawing" you! LOL My email is


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