Saturday, October 6, 2012

Character Day Showcase!

Hello, friends! Can you believe that we are already one week into October?! It seems that the month is flying by and I am hanging on by it's skirt tail. :) One of my favorite parts of school in October was the opportunity for a Book Character Parade! It was always so adorable to watch the little ones walking around in their costumes. Some parents are so amazingly creative!

I have watched teachers use this day in many different ways. Some would dress their entire class up like characters in a story or a teacher would have cute costumes set up for students who did not come in costume. For the early elementary, there were little piggies and a wolf. There was Mother Goose and the characters of nursery rhymes. All were adorable and so proud to walk around in their costumes! In the upper elementary, some teachers would have the students research a historical figure and do a project about them. They would then dress up like their person and carry a sign that included their research about the person.

As I know that not every school does this character parade, I thought that I would create two sets that would be a showcase for either book characters or historical figures depending on the grade level. The showcase project would last for one week and I have included a parent letter, signs, worksheets, charts, a rubric as well as instructions to have a successful showcase!

Here is the Elementary Pack that would be perfect to integrate into a Halloween theme:
For the older grades, I have created a Historical Figure Showcase! The project reflects the first as it lasts for one week and contains the same basic framework but for an older audience. It also includes a rubric, charts, graphic organizers, and showcase ideas. 

These projects are a great way to excite students about reading and history. It also introduces students to new people or characters they had not previously known. Some of my favorite pics in my teacher scrapbook are the ones with students with colorful hair and cute costumes! ;) Have fun!

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