Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New Five In a Row Game for Math Centers!

Hello, friends! I am so excited to share with you a new Math game that I have created for you to use in your Math Centers or homeschool classroom! The purpose of this game is to utilize a hundreds chart to practice number recognition. addition skills, and subtraction skills. It can be used with 2-4 players or for an independent learner who needs extra practice.  Here is how you play:

Each child needs their own hundred chart and markers such as dots or cheerios. (To make the game more exciting, use only one hundreds chart for all players to use!) Another option is to laminate each student’s chart so they can mark out their number with a wipe off marker and simply clean it off when the game is completed.  Next, cut out the math cards to place in two stacks. On one deck is numbers. For a simple number recognition game, only use this set. To increase difficulty, use the other set of cards as well which will give a mathematic operation to use with the first card the student has drawn. For example, the number card may say 35 and the operation card says to add 2. So the answer the student should cover is 37. The students take turns drawing numbers and operation cards and covering their hundred chart. When the cards run out, simply mix them and create two stacks once again. The student who gets five numbers in a row will win!

Here is a sneak peek into what is included. Simply click on the picture to head over to my TPT store.

I hope this is something that you can use to foster confidence in their math skills and bring excitement to your math center! Have a fantastic day everyone!

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