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Review: Math Mammoth

Math is a subject that can be daunting for homeschooling parents, especially if they are not confidant in the subject. We worry that we will not be able to teach the more difficult concepts in a way that is lasting and effective! I have talked with several parents who desire to homeschool but explain that though they aren't worried about other subjects, Math is a large worry. Today, I am going to share a Math program that takes out some of that worry: Math Mammoth. This company offers many great options for Math instruction like full programs or just single subject books that can support your child with a certain mathematical topic. As this review was towards the end of the school year, I chose books from the Blue Series.that would deepen their understanding of a topic or offer review.
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The Blue Series, written by Maria Miller, are Math books that focus on topic rather than grade. All worksheets are taken from the Light Blue series that is a full curriculum and organized in a natural progression. Each lesson is presented in a simplistic and easy to understand format. After reading the instruction at the top of the page, the student then completes the practice to immediately put that knowledge to use. There are no looping problems as each problem relates to what has just been taught. However, the topics build on one another in a systematic fashion.


I chose two topics for each of my girls. Nat used Early Geometry and Multiplication. Em used Geometry 2 and Statistics. For the most part, each girl completed their pages independently. They completed one lesson a day in each book. As the problems weren't exhaustive (meaning they weren't exhausted by the time they completed a lesson!) it was not difficult for them to complete two.I did offer some support; however, the instruction was easy to understand and implement! 

Good to Know

 photo blueseries_zpsb625de99.jpg 1.  Here are the specifics on the books that I used with my girls. As you can see, you get a lot of bang for your buck.

    • Early Geometry- Grades 1-3, 119 pages, $2.75
    • Geometry 2- Grades 6-7, 105 pages, $5.80
    • Multiplication-  Grades 2-3, 102 pages, $5.00
    • Statistics and Probability- Grades 5-7, 101 pages, $5.30
2.  They can be used as a supplement to a current program, as remediation for a particular topic, or a review. You can even use them to create a full curriculum; however, a better option is to purchase the full curriculum version to take the guess work out of progression and planning.

3.  Follow this link to find a complete list of the books available in the Blue series. It might be just what you were looking for!

4.  All books come with answer keys that are located in the back of the books.

5.  If you have annotated tools on your iPad or computer, the PDF files come with the option of completing the problems on your method of technology rather than printing the pages out. I did not have this option so I would print out 10 lessons at a time and file in their binders to complete.

6.  Still have questions about this program? Visit the Math Mammoth website to sign up for a virtual tour that will also provide you with 300 free worksheets and samples! This will give you a personal look at what this company offers and how it can take some of the tears out of Math time!

My Thoughts

I would highly recommend these Math books in your homeschool or even for those children that attend school but struggle with a particular topic! The instruction is simple and the practice just enough to  bring your child confidence. Also, be sure to visit my review friends to see what they thought of Math Mammoth!


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