Sunday, June 2, 2013

June Currently

Happy Sunday! It has been for-eh-ver since I have taken part in the fun Currently linky party!! So, I thought I would jump in today! Here is my June Currently.

Listening- to sweet silence as my family is resting from the day. I am resting in my own way! Blogging... ;)

Loving- the new flamingo welcome banner I have just completed. You can't help but smile when you see those adorable birds!! Take a gander!
You are smiling, right?? I knew it! ;) SO CUH- UTE!

Thinking- We had such a beautiful day at church this morning. I am so blessed to worship with such a beautiful family of people! I am also thinking about our schedule for June. Did I just say that?! JUNE!! Oh, my... Anyhoo, this will be a very busy one as we will be traveling quite a bit this month for special services, campmeetings, and VACAY!! Whoop, whoop! How does a cabin by a lake with some of our closest friends sound? Can... not... wait!

Wanting- a POOL! I still haven't convinced my sweetie that we really do need one!! But, I have three beautiful girls and the Florida hot summer weather on my side. :) I believe the odds are in my favor.

Needing- At this moment... a big sweet tea and a some chocolate. Okay... okay! My hips are saying I don't NEED it but my sweet tooth begs to differ!

VACAY essentials-  
  1. Phone to snap pictures and make all of my friends on Facebook jealous. Hey! They do it to me all the time! ;) Plus, I am stuck on a level in Candy Crush that I believe will probably usher me to an early death from a heart attack! Ack!
  2. Some comfy sweats... I can not hear that without thinking of Nacho Libre. Please tell me you have watched it! It is one of my faves!! Anyhoo, I want to be super oober comfy while on vacation and sweats fit the bill!
  3. Flip flops... ummmm... yeah, so I like to be comfy... 
There you go!! This is what is CURRENTLY going on here at Learning 4 Keeps central. Make sure to join in on all the fun with Farley!

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