Monday, January 28, 2013

The Promise of Mondays...

Hello, friends! This morning as I hid for my life under the covers, these were my exact sentiments...
In fact, my sweet hubby brought me a coffee in bed and I clutched it like a life line. Last night was one of those nights that thoughts kept me too busy to sleep. Ever been there?

But as a sipped the sweet nectar of Heaven (a bit dramatic I know... well, maybe not so much, lol) I began to consider the day. I pondered the promises of Monday:

It is a brand new week. I do not have to cling to my "Man, I should have's" or "If I had only's." I can mentally wipe my slate clean and create my calendar. Will I have a few things to bring over from last week? Sure! But, I don't have to feel behind schedule because this is the first day of my work week. I am free to simply begin again.

It will be what I make of it. I love to create lists. You can talk to my parents who will tell you that I have made lists since I was young.

"Which restaurant is your favorite, Leah?"
"Hang on while I create my list of pros and cons." tehehehe

So when I began to get organized for the week, I write lists. Monday's lists are full as I want to tie up any loose ends of last week and prepare for the new week. A clean house is a must on my Monday's list as well as washing some clothes before we have to begin a new kind of colony. ;) This Monday will be what I make of it and can determine the direction of my week. Put in some effort today and reap the benefits during the rest of the week.

It is a beautiful gift from above.  Mondays... a gift? I know! I know! But consider the many who will never see another Monday. I have another beautiful day to spend with my children, my handsome hubby and all of you!

After considering the promises of Monday, I began to feel a charge of adrenaline and was ready to meet this Monday. I began to feel more like this:
Of course, that might have been the coffee... yeah, it was probably just the coffee. ;) Happy Monday everyone!

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