Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cutting Without Fear

This week has been a great one here at Little Angels. We have been integrating new curriculum that have enriched each day and made it exciting! You will be hearing more about these resources soon in my reviews that begin in a week or two.

This week I have watched my girls blossom and grow each day. My oldest seems to be taking fertilizer at night as she seems a bit taller every morning. My Nat has lost some of that baby face that allowed me to pretend that she is stuck in time rather than growing up. My Lillee bud amazes me everyday with her new skills, vocabulary and eagerness to participate in whatever the rest of the family is doing. In fact, this eagerness is what I wanted to share about today.

It seems that as we get older, our willingness to try new things tends to waiver. Now, there is a reason I tend to stay away from cartwheels as gravity is becoming increasingly more unkind.  However, this fear of trying something new begins even before our chins begin to double. ;) In fact, I can remember being nervous to try something new when I was around my eldest daughter's age and I see this same hesitation sometimes in her as well.

What is it that stops us? Could it be intimidation? Maybe it is a lack of understanding and we don't want others to see us fail. Perhaps it is a fear of trying and then being ridiculed or mocked for doing it wrong. I, for one, have memories of this that still haunt me to this day.

I contemplated all of these things while watching my youngest hold a pair of scissors. Now, before you get all Child Services on me, she was sitting down and I was with her. Our focus during her school that day was cutting. Here she is when she begins:

Notice she has jumped in, scissors flipped, to tackle the difficult art of cutting. She did not ask for me to show her first. She did not worry about what I would think if she did it wrong. She was not a bit hesitant to try. This struck me as I am notorious for making sure I go with the flow. How does everyone else do it? What do they say I should do? Perhaps it is the need for success or to show that I have it all together... who knows? But I do know that a touch more of this determination to jump in and try would most assuredly expand my horizons and enrich my life.

I also considered how my daughter had someone looking over her and watching, ME. I was aware of how she was holding the scissors and making sure that her eyeballs would remain intact at all times. :) She was holding something that had the potential to hurt and I want what is best for her. This makes me consider how I have a Heavenly Father who is watching over me as well. I am holding choices in my hands that have the potential to hurt me if not made with care. However, the One watching over me is gently prodding me to proceed carefully and to handle my life with care. Eager to try while handling with care... hmmm.... this is the balance I want to have.
With each cut of my baby's scissors, she crept closer and closer to reaching her goal. Sure, I worked with her on correct finger placement and the correct manner to hold the scissors. Yet, my intention never changed: to assist my daughter in making something beautiful all by herself. Though she tried my way several times, she seemed to have better leverage by holding it the way she wanted and had much better control. So, I let her proceed as the goal would remain the same: to cut out her picture. This reminded me of how one method can work in some situations while another might be better for others. I need to be courageous enough to be different.

As you can see, she made it and I was there to share in the excitement! How beautiful to know that God is sharing in our triumphs as well! Notice the small bit of tape in the bottom corner? Yeah, me either. I like to think that God has a giant roll of that amazing invention sitting next to His throne just in case He needs to "fix" something and make it as good as new. ;)

Oh, the lessons I gleaned from my daughter's cutting lesson. Each day is an opportunity to learn something new... together. Have a fantastic day everyone!


  1. very true that. :)

    My lad has been handling scissors and knives since he was quite young and people were always amazed that I would let him do so.

    It's and teaching and then trusting. I'm fortunate in that I have an "inclined to be safe and careful" lad so I've had very little concerns about him handling sharp implements with care.

    annette @ A Net In Time (add blog address since old one is no longer relevant)

  2. Great post! Such great things we can learn by just watching our little ones learn.

  3. Well done! Thanks for taking the time to see a "heavenly lesson" in an "earthly moment" and haring!

  4. So true, we can learn so much from and with our children!

  5. Thanks so much! It is amazing how much we can learn while our children are learning something totally different. I still marvel in the fact that I get to spend my daughter's growing years with her. :)


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