Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Martin Luther King, Jr. Pack

Hello, friends! Life has been pretty strange around here lately. It seems my husband and I have just been unable to get well. :( We have been fighting a bug that is relentless so much of our plans for the week have not been accomplished. **sigh** But, Christmas has been stored for next year, errands in town were accomplished and bills have been paid. These are great accomplishments considering how we are feeling.

Tomorrow, we will be back to the books as the past two days have been Home Ec days. ;) My girls have been earning extra credit. lol But it is back to the grindstone in the morning and I am looking forward to getting into routine. One project I would like to do is Memory Boxes. It is similar to a time capsule in that my girls will be putting special memories, drawings, wishes, etc in a box to be brought out at the end of the year. I will post pictures tomorrow of how we put it together.

Today, I want to share a new project that I completed last night. It is an activity pack that I will be using to discuss Martin Luther King, Jr. Day that is coming up on the 21st. I mainly wanted a pack of supplemental materials that could be used after I get my book from the library. I really like to use books to teach history and though I have a few here, I would like to pick up a couple more. These supplemental activities could be used after any books that I might pick up.

The five activities are:

1.) "I Have a Dream" Writing Template (Two options provided depending on writing abilities.)

2.) Vocabulary Thinking Map on Equality

3.) Just for Fun Word Search (Easy with 10 words.)

4.) "Let Me Tell You About Martin Luther King, Jr." Mini Book with places to color as well as guided fill in the blank to show what they have learned about him.

5.) "Lessons Learned from Martin Luther King, Jr." Vocabulary Mobile: Equality, Justice, Peace, and Freedom. Directions and picture of completed project included.

If you are looking for supplemental activities to use, check it out by clicking on the picture below.

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