Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Resource: K-2 Common Core Checklists

Hi, everyone! I have had quite a week and today was the first day back to school for us. Unfortunately, I was missing one of the items I needed to make the memory boxes so that has to wait another day. But, I have made a few new items due to a request.

I have had Common Core sets available in my store since I first opened my store months ago. But I thought that I would make a smaller set that would include just the checklists. Many teachers, both in the classroom and in the home, have asked for a checklist of standards that they could strive to teach in one year and keep them organized in a binder or notebook. I have taken the new Common Core standards that are being adopted around the country to make checklists you can use to get organized in your own room.
There are two sets of common core checklists for grades K-2 which include:
1.) Student checklists: These checklists are kept by the student in a folder or notebook. As a student demonstrates mastery, the student can check off the standard on their list. This allows the student to note their own personal growth throughout the year.

2.) Teacher checklists: These checklists are kept by the teacher and can be placed in their assessment binders or portfolios. As a student demonstrates mastery, the teacher can check off the standard on their list. This allows the teacher to track growth throughout the year. The second grade pack also includes areas to mark dates of instruction, assessment, grades and remediation if necessary.

These checklists will help you stay organized in the classroom and give you a method to assess your students using the new Common Core standards. It will also help homeschooling families by giving them a sense of direction in the year if they are creating their own curriculum. I hope it is a help to you in the classroom! Just click on the picture to the left to check it out in my TPT store. Have a fantastic week everyone!

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