Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New Happy Ewwwww Year Resource!

Hello, friends! I have been so sick for the last few days. I have been working little by little on a couple of new projects that I want to tell you about.

First, I have created a holiday Bingo game called Jingle Bell Bingo. I loved playing Bingo with my kids during the last week of school before the holidays. I would usually play with them during our Christmas party to keep everyone in their seat while snacking on party foods. :) This kept things orderly and fun!

It is a picture bingo game for the classroom or homeschool room. It includes 20 game half page game cards and 35 picture cards with a cute holiday theme! It is played like the traditional bingo game but with a twist! There is even a method for when more than one student wins at one time. 

The next pack is perfect for New Years. It is full of resources to integrate into instruction on ew, ue, or oo. 
The following is included:

  • Page 3-8 Word Posters and Blank Posters for students to create their own list
  • Page 9- “Oops!” Poem Worksheet
  • Page 10- “Ew Stew” Poem worksheet
  • Page 11- “Sticky Glue” Poem worksheet
  • Page 12-14 (3) Word Search Sheets
  • Page 15-17 (3) Alphabetical Order Sheets
  • Page 18 Graph the words worksheet
  • Page 19-21 Four Square Game
  • Page 22-31 Concentration Game
  • Page 32-35 EW Mini Book

So, while I have been trying to rest on a couch, I have at least been a bit productive. ;) Of course, don't look at the laundry mountain. It might ruin your image of me. LOL 
Happy Blogging~


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  2. Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to play this during our Class Holiday Party!



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