Tuesday, July 16, 2013

{NEW} Teacher Binder Resources (Let's Get Organized: Part One)

Hello, friends! This week I am kicking off a new series on Let's Get Organized! You will find resources, ideas, tips, and techniques to get your classroom ready for a new adventure. Make sure to come back each day this week and then join up with a fun organizational linky party on Friday to share your tips!

Today is all about getting the teacher organized utilizing a teacher binder. This binder can be one large one or even a group of smaller binders. You can use cute dividers to break up your sections of forms, grades, lesson plans, and more. The great thing about binders instead of those little books from the teacher store is that you can add to or take away! You make it what you need it to be. Place them on your shelf or across your desk for quick reference. There is no better feeling than knowing exactly where a form is when a parent or principal is waiting on you to deliver it.

A teacher binder has been my project today and all I have to say is: somebody stop me! It has been on my to-do list for about a month and and I am happy to say that I have finally finished! I have created it so far in three different themes and oh..my..goodness... They are so much fun! They have anywhere from 100-125 pages. They include cover pages, forms, charts, grade sheets, attendance records, lesson plan forms, calendars... the list goes on! Take a peek and just click the link for a better look!

Last, but not least:

Tomorrow, we will continue our theme on organization by discussing how to CLEAN OUT what you already have. Have you ever just looked around your room and thought about striking a match? Too much paper, too much clutter, just TOO MUCH! Check back in tomorrow for some tips and tricks for taking charge of the clutter. See you then!


  1. Wow you really did create some awesome packs! Oh and yes I haven't often thought of just getting rid if everything and starting over. Good luck!


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