Thursday, July 3, 2014

Throw Back Thursday= Updated Teacher Binders!

Hello, friends! I am so thrilled to be working on my blog and store this summer. Have you ever felt like you were on a ride that was full of bends, twists, even flips and it didn't seem to end? Yeah, that would be my life right now! I am so thankful that God has been with me through every stage, step, and scary moment. I would never had kept my sanity without His help. Once again, I look to Him today as I went to the doctor and received news that I wasn't expecting. A quick procedure could potentially be major surgery. I am once again looking at something beyond my control and simply trusting that God knew about it before I ever got here. :)

BUT, let me share with you my #Throw Back Thursday: Teacher Style!

This will be a series that I will do as often as possible that shares with you my resources that have been revamped and made to be even more fun. Today I want to share my Teacher Binders that have been updated with new calendars for 2014 and 2015! If you have already purchased these binders, you can redownload to get the newest versions. Let me share just a bit of the feedback that I have been receiving. It truly makes my day.

Julie G. ~ Thank you! Big help to all teachers! And so very cute!

Jennifer K. ~ Cannot wait to print and set up for this school year!!

Tana W. ~ Love utilizing this in my beach themed classroom.Thanks

I am so excited to hear that teachers are loving them! Here are the binders that I currently have available. As always, feel free to pin and just click on the picture to visit them in my store! :)

And here is my newest pack for the sports fans! 

I will be adding more themes soon. I am thinking about a cute space theme. 

What do you think? Do you have a theme you would like to see? Comment below and perhaps that will be next! 

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