Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Review: Math Rider

Hello, friends!  Lately, I have had so many wonderful resources to share with you and today is no exception. Games are one of my favorite methods for mastery recall. How do you keep a child excited about practicing the same math facts until they master them? Through a game! My latest review is a Math game that will keep your students excited about those pesky Math facts. Today, I want to share with you Math Rider: The Intelligent Math Facts Game.

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Math Rider is a program that allows your student to practice their Math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) in an exciting format. It is based in a land of fantasy in which your child is on a mission and must ride their trusty horse to see it through! By completing Math facts, they are able to earn rewards and advance through their missions.

The fascinating part of this program is that it records your child's answers in an internal memory to track their progress. It will then create personalized practice for your child based on their needs. This will help the child progress from those facts that have been mastered to those that the child really needs to work on.


My girls were able to use the Math Rider program 3-4 times a week after their regular Math curriculum. This became a great way to encourage completion of their work as they were eager to "play." Each girl had their own account, so they were able to focus on their own personalized problems to complete the challenges. My girls go crazy about anything to do with horses so it was a perfect fit!

Good to Know

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  1. Math Rider is designed for ages 6 to 12. Grades 2nd through 6th are recommended but keep in mind the abilities of your child. 
  2. There is instant correction or reinforcement given when each problem is answered. This ensures that a student understands if they answered a problem correctly. Also, the student has to only focus on answering the problems and the game does the rest. This helps your child focus on the Math without worrying about controls.
  3. Math Rider is a download to your computer so you do not need the internet to play the game, only for initial download and registration.
  4. Records are supplied to the parent so that you can keep track of how they are progressing.
  5. You can register up to 8 children on one license, prefect for homeschooling families to use again and again!
  6. The game is $47 and is instantly downloaded from their site. You can even try a full featured trial version for 7 days by clicking over to their website!

My Thoughts

This game is a new favorite in our home. The girls are excited to play and work through their challenges, all while practicing their Math facts! I am also pleased that I will be able to use this program in the future with my youngest daughter. Math facts in a fun way: that is definitely a way to Learn It for Keeps. Have a fantastic day everyone!


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