Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Teacher Time-Saver: Homework Resources

Hello, friends! I thought I would talk about one of those necessary evils: homework. *sigh* Now, I was never a teacher who required hours of homework. I did assign enough to review what we learned that day or to review concepts to keep them fresh in their minds. I would always assign spelling projects, a reading or writing assignment, and one math sheet. The problem was that there were days that were swamped and I didn't always have everything copied, printed, and sorted. *sigh* I know, I know... I am probably the only one who was printing something off really quick to slide in their folders before rushing them out the door.

So, I thought I would create a few packs to make it a bit simpler in preparing homework folders. I created Math homework packs for First grade. The packs could be printed, copied and prepared for the month. There is one for November and one for December. I will be working to create packs for the year that will really make it easy to provide homework practice in Math. Do you have any ideas for Math concepts that you would like to send home for Math review? Comment below!!

Here are the packs available so far:

Another resource that I have to assist in homework is a weekly homework pack that includes 40 homework sheet templates. I really liked my homework sheets to look fresh and a bit different each week but didn't always have time to create one. So, I have created a 40 sheet powerpoint that you can simply insert your information each week. Here is my latest feedback on this item:

"Thank you! I can't live without your weekly sheets" - Hryan76

I can't tell you how glad it makes me to know that the pack is making a teacher's day just a bit easier. If you haven't already seen them, this is where you can pick up the pack.
In other news, my little spot in the bloggy world is getting SUPER close to hitting its next milestone: 200 follower! Even more amazing is that my Facebook page is at almost the same exact number. So, be watching for a STUPENDOUS giveaway that I am already working on now. :) You won't want to miss it!


  1. Leah, I had to comment to say that I too have your weekly homework sheet templates. I LOVE them, I use them every Thursday to set-up for the next week. My other two team members give me their assignments, etc. for the next week, I plug them in and print it out.....super easy!

  2. Thanks Donna! I love hearing that someone is enjoying the resources! :)

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